Enrollment Forms

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It is very important that students practice their instrument every day for maximum learning and improvement. Out-of-school practicing should be done every day for at least 15 minutes for beginners and 30 minutes for second year students. If you have that time available, then you have what it takes to be in Band or Strings!




Important: NEW STUDENTS ONLY (3rd grade strings and 4th grade band)

New students will be able to choose three instruments on the enrollment form (in order of preference). I will make the final decision based on your child’s choice and the band’s or orchestra’s need for certain instruments. A balanced band or orchestra has the best sound. Please be aware that certain instruments like the saxophone or violin are extremely popular. I can only accept a certain number of these popular instruments. If your child chooses a popular instrument, they may need to settle for their second choice. Although your child may not receive their first choice instrument, I will do my best to make sure your child is happy with the final decision.


Make sure to go to “Instrument Demos” on this website and watch the videos of the instrument before making your choices.


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