COVID Mitigation and Safety 

HCPSS takes COVID-19 mitigation very seriously and has created guidelines for the band classroom based on research from universities and the National Federation of High Schools. HCPSS had a very successful and safe return to in-person band instruction this spring. Mitigation measures will be in place for as long as necessary. 


COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Policies in Band: (Strings will apply same safety procedures and policies as applicable to their instrument)

  • Students should bring their own personal instruments and class materials to band to limit shared equipment

  • Students will enter the band room one at a time and go directly to their seats to unpack

  • All woodwind and brass instruments will wear bell covers at all times to mitigate aerosol spread

  • All woodwind and brass players will wear special instrument face masks at all times in the band classroom

    • Personal woodwind and brass PPE (bell covers and masks) are provided free of charge to each band student by HCPSS

    • Students will switch to their band mask at the beginning of band class once they have taken their seat, and switch back to their regular mask at the end of class at their seat

    • Mask ear loops and bell cover drawstrings can be adjusted to ensure the correct fit

    • Proper usage of masks, including coverage of the nose and mouth, will be enforced 

    • Students will keep their band PPE (band mask and bell cover) in their instrument case when not in use

    • Band masks and bell covers should be machine-washed in warm or hot water at least once a week. Masks can be dried on low heat; bell covers should be hung to dry

  • Students are responsible for:

    • Bringing their PPE, instrument, and materials to each band class

    • Using the PPE, instrument, and materials correctly and appropriately 

    • Keeping all PPE and instruments clean following established procedures

    • Immediately informing the band director if new PPE is needed or if the instrument is not working properly

    • Respecting the personal space, safety, and equipment of others

  • Percussion students will wear their normal well-fitting masks over the nose and mouth

  • Strings students will wear their normal well-fitting masks over the nose and mouth

  • Brass players will empty water keys into the trash can or directly outside the band room exterior door. PPE stays on while emptying water keys

  • All students are encouraged and reminded to wash their hands before and after band class and use hand sanitizer when needed

  • Music stands, chairs, and any other shared materials will be wiped down after each class

  • School-provided hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and Steri-Spray are available around the band room

    • Steri-Spray can be used on mouthpieces that are accidentally dropped

    • No mouthpieces will be shared

  • Seating charts will be utilized for each class to aid in contact tracing

  • Social Distancing Goal - at least 3 feet apart when possible

  • When possible, beginning wind and brass classes will be held outdoors and distanced on school property. Masking is optional but recommended for unvaccinated students outdoors

  • Students should not come to school if they are feeling sick

  • All personal instruments should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before returning to school

  • General health guidelines, such as avoiding handshakes and high-fives, will be followed


Mrs. Murray will continue to work with caregivers, students, the school nurse, classroom teachers, and other staff to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy in band. Please contact your band director or school administration if you have any questions or concerns.

Mask Display